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Frequently Asked Questions

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NHL® Trading Card Questions

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Collect to Win – Online Game

  • Do I need to buy packs of Tim Hortons® Collector’s Series NHL® Trading Cards to play Collect to Win?

    No, it is free to play Collect to Win! When you register for Collect to Win, you will receive a FREE 5-card Starter Pack of Digital NHL® Hockey Cards to get your collection started. Additionally, you will get a FREE pack of Digital NHL® Hockey cards every 24 hours. This pack contains one card.

    You can earn additional Digital Cards by purchasing packs of Tim Hortons® Collector’s Series NHL® Trading Cards in restaurant. Each pack has a unique 6-digit PIN code printed inside. Entering a PIN code online through Collect to Win will give you a 3-card Digital Pack.

  • What’s the objective of the Collect to Win contest?

    Collect to Win is an online contest where you collect Digital NHL® Hockey Cards to earn ballots into exclusive prize draws. The more Digital NHL® Hockey Cards you collect, the more ballots you earn into the prize draw.

  • Where can I get a PIN to enter online?

    Look for a unique, 6-digit PIN code inside packs of Tim Hortons® Collector’s Series NHL® Trading Cards. These PIN codes can be entered online for additional 3-card packs of Digital NHL® Hockey Cards.

  • How many PINs can I enter?

    You may enter and redeem up to 5 PIN codes at a time but there is no limit on how many PIN codes you can redeem during the contest period.

  • What happens when I get a duplicate Digital Card?

    The goal in Collect to Win is to collect the full 100-card set of Digital NHL® Hockey Cards. Duplicate Digital Cards do not help your progression in the contest.

    If you receive a duplicate Digital Card it will be entered into the community duplicate card pool. You will then be given the option to select 1 of 3 cards presented to you from the pool that you need for your collection.

  • How do I collect ballots into each prize draw?

    You will earn ballots into each Prize Draw by collecting Digital NHL® Trading Cards. You will earn your first prize draw ballot once you’ve collected 10 Digital Cards. You will keep earning ballots as your collection of Digital Cards grows.

    Additionally, there are 6 Achievement Lineup collections that will earn you additional prize draw ballots when you complete them by collecting the specific Digital Cards included in each.

    Review the Collect to Win Official Rules for more information.

  • When does the draw for the ballot prizes occur?

    The draw date is on November 14th, 2017.

  • How will I be notified if I win a prize?

    Potential winners will be notified within five business days of the draw via the e-mail address they used when registering into the contest.

  • What happens when I complete the set of Digital Cards?

    Once you have obtained the full 100-card set of Digital NHL® Hockey Cards you will have earned the maximum number of ballots for each prize draw and you will not be able to collect any additional Digital Cards.

  • How do I reset my password?

    You can reset your password from the Collect to Win login screen. Follow the onscreen prompts to receive an email with a new temporary password.

  • Where can I find out who won?

    A winners list will be posted a few weeks after the contest has closed.